Thamizhar Thalaivar Asiriyar K.Veeramani

condemns union governmentService extension for a third time to Director of Enforcement Directorate– Supreme Court criticizes the union government!
Tamil Nadu government opposes Centre’s decision to make
Enforcement Directorate investigate cases against traders!
Grabbing away State government’s right & threatening the traders – Centre takes two scores in a single stroke?

Asiriyar K.Veeramani has issued a statement condemning union government’s
decision to bring cases on traders under the purview of Enforcement
Directorate. He states,
“The decision of union government to bring the criminal cases on traders
which are investigated by the State government at present under the purview
of Enforcement Directorate has been opposed by Minister Thangam
Thenarasu in the GST Council meeting held in Delhi. The BJP government at
the Centre has hit two targets by this – grabbing away the rights of the State
government and threatening the traders.”
Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thangam Thenarasu opposes the
announcement made by union Finance Minister!

Tamil Nadu has opposed the inclusion of the Goods and Services Tax
Network (GSTN) under the purview of the Prevention of Money Laundering
Act, saying this is against the interest of traders and that it would affect small
traders adversely.
While there are many cases against excessive actions of Enforcement
Directorate in the High Courts and the Supreme Court, bringing traders also
under the ED’s purview will only keep the traders under threat and grab away
the State’s rights.
A big blow to dictatorship
The Supreme Court’s judgment quashing Centre’s order of granting
Enforcement Directorate’s Director Sanjay Kumar Mishra third extension in service is a big blow to the RSS government under Prime Minister Modi.
Mishra will remain in his post only till 31 st July 2023.
It is widely known that the Enforcement Directorate is used as a weapon by
the RSS government to launch a lightning attack – like the blitzkrieg of Second
World War – on opposition party leaders, ministers, MLAs and others,
rendering them inactive or surrender before them.
Trishuls used by the Centre!
Election Commission, CBI and Income Tax Department have become a trishul
in the hands of the BJP government under Modi. They are used to bounce on
the opposition leaders on the pretext of corruption and, if they leave their
parties and change sides to the BJP, to give a clean chit to them overnight!
Sanjay Kumar Mishra, a Brahmin, was given extension in his post for the third
time in utter disregard to an earlier judgment by the Supreme Court. The
Supreme Court has pointed out this and has given the above judgment on 11 th
July 2023.
Is this minimum government, maximum governance?
When Modi government gave extension of service to an election Commission
member for the 8 th time, the Judges had said, “Is he so indispensable like this?
Why one man is given so many extensions? Wouldn’t the department stop
functioning if he is not there?”
In a number of cases, Modi government is appointing those officers who
worked in Gujarat under Chief Minister Modi as high level officers in the
central agencies. The officer resigns his current post, the resignation is
immediately accepted and the new appointment is immediately given. There
are many cases like this.
Modi, as Chief Minister of Gujarat, opposed GST Act!
It may be recalled here that Narendra Modi, as Chief Minister of Gujarat,
vehemently opposed implementation of GST Act! He said, he will never allow
But now he has taken a U-turn and is unmindful of grabbing away the rights
and powers of State governments. This is unacceptable and condemnable.



Dravidar Kazhagam